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I imagine it’s not coincidental that a cookbook oozing with butter and chocolate comes out about now. As the weather's turned crisp it's time to abandon your light summer fare of fresh berries and cream, hunker down, turn on the oven, get those braises going and start baking!

A cookbook I recently had the opportunity to food style, Sheila G’s Butter & Chocolate, just hit the shelves. For those unfamiliar, Sheila G. Mains gained her fame by creating the now ubiquitous Brownie Brittle. If you haven’t indulged in a bag, think of those crispy edges you pick at in every brownie batch, only intentionally baked in sheets, cracked into pieces and filling an entire bag.

From the book's 101 recipes here are just a few of my favorite shots. (My collaborators were Tina Rupp, photography, and Karin Olsen, props.) You've got your brownies covered, your brownie ice cream sandwich and even some boozy brownie truffles to really help cut the chill.

Wouldn’t you love to swim in a little butter and chocolate right about now?